By bicycle through Molėtai

Duration: 3 h.
Distance: 10 km
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~ 12 km route through the city of Molėtai. Click here!

Route plan

1) Fisherman’s boots and fishing rod sculpture, Fish with a saddle sculpture and city fountain

Duration of visit: 10 min.

Large colourful float in the middle of the lake, fisherman’s boots and rod with an exceptional catch lying next to them – a saddled fish – certainly attract tourists’ attention. There you can also find a cosy city fountain which lights up with various colours in the evening.

Duration: 15 min. Distance: 3.1 km

2) Paduobužė Bowl Stone

Duration of visit: 1 h.

The stone is ~0.1 km to the east from the village, ~0,35 km to the south from the road Molėtai-Videniškiai. The stone is cylinder-shaped reddish coarse-grained granite.

Duration: 25 min. Distance: 6 km

3) Swimming place - Pastovis Lake, Molėtai

Duration of visit: 10 min.

55.232328, 25.428272

Duration: < 10 min. Distance: 340 m

4) Sculpture "Stone for Sisyphus"

Duration of visit: 10 min.

The sculpture of K. Musteikis (1998) was created during the installation of the Molėtai Sculpture Park.