Educational trail of Dubingiai Castle

Duration: 20 min.
Distance: 1.6 km
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If you're ever in Asveja Regional Park, you must take this route. From the impressive site on a high hill, on the peninsula of lake Asveja, there is a winding path that leads past the remains of Radvilos Palace that is covered with a special dome, as well as the site of the 400-year-old Evangelical Reformed Church, the Radvilos burial crypt, panoramic views of Lithuania's longest lake and the site where President Antanas Smetona's splendid villa once stood. Along the way, there are place to sit and relax, as well as information panels full of interesting stories. A free app on your smartphone will help you see the buildins come to life in 3D, including the magnificent palace and the Evangelical Reformed Church.

Route plan