Gurakalne marsh educational trail

Duration: 35 min.
Distance: 540 m
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Short, easy, and unlike the others. Even though you are in the Molėtai Region, you will find yourself not at a lake but at a raised bog. The wooden path built across this wetland will let you walk over the soft carpet of sphagnum mosses. An eagle-eyed nature enthusiast will also notice other plants that can only survive in this highly acidic environment: the intoxicating wild rosemary, the insect-catching sundews, the blue bog bilberries or red cranberries.

Perhaps you'll even have a chance to try some?

Route plan
Duration: < 1 min. Distance: 360 m

2) An educational trail of Gurakalnė bog

Duration of visit: 30 min.

The distance of Gurakalnė raised bog from Dubingiai town is 6 km. The bog is fed only by rainfall and surface water. It is poor in mineral substances. Therefore, it is surrounded only by those plants that thrive in very acidic soil, such as: wild rosemary, heather, bog bilberries (bog blueberries), peat moss, cotton-grass and cranberries. There is a wooden path installed above the bog, allowing to take a closer look at the local plants.

Duration: < 1 min. Distance: 160 m