Around the churches of Molėtai district

Duration: 2.5 h.
Distance: 200 km
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1) Molėtai Church

For the first time, the church was mentioned in 1522. Probably, the first church was wooden. At the beginning of the 18th century, during the Northern War, the Swedish destroyed it, and in about 1720, it was rebuilt in brick. The present Church of St Apostles Peter and Paul was built in 1905 under the care of the priest Kazimieras Bandzevičius. The Church is built in the style of Baroque Revival, of the Latin cross layout, with two tall towers and a prominent facade. The inside of the Church is cosy and full of light. The altars and the organ prospectus are neoclassical. The Church has 12 significant art treasures.

Duration: < 10 min. Distance: 10 km

2) Videniškiai Church and Augustine Monastery

You won’t see the monks in the Monastery. However, the strength of their spirit and rich cultural past can be felt in the wall paintings done by the unknown professional artist of the middle of the 18th century. In Videniškiai Church built in the 17th century the members of the Giedraičiai family were buried.

Duration: 20 min. Distance: 23 km

3) The Church and Belfry of Inturkė

St Virgin Mary‘s Taking to the Heaven Church is built on the Northern bank of Galuonai lake. Rectangular-shaped church has sustained its five baroque style altars. It is paled with stone and brick fence. There is a wooden belfry by the entrance.

Duration: 10 min. Distance: 13 km

4) Joniškis Church

Joniškis St James the Apostle Church is situated in Joniškis, on the north-western bank of the lake Arinas. The first church was built by Jesuits in 1726. With the care of the parson F. Petrauskas and the congregation the timbers of the church were changed in 1848. The church is rectangular, with two towers, three-wall apse and 2 lower vestries. Inside consists of 3 naves with columns. A fence of a churchyard is stonework. The priest Stanislovas Šlamas (1866-1951), the distributor of banned press, is buried in the churchyard.

Duration: 15 min. Distance: 14 km

5) Dubingiai St. George's Church

Dubingiai Church burned to the ground twice in the 1960s. 1954 split parish from the 17th century. a wooden church that served in the second half of the 19th century, and four years later the old wooden chapel built by Liudvika Karolina Radvilaitė, where a house of prayer was installed after the first fire. Now, under the care of businessmen Aurelija and Aurelijus Rusteikai, a new St. St. George's Church.


Duration: < 10 min. Distance: 9 km

6) Bijutiškis Church

Ona Eirudavičienė in 1478. built the first church and allocated property. The new church was built in 1789. Russian rule her in 1868. closed and demolished. 1925 The church is located in a brick church built in 1875. Priest Karolis Bielinis in 1930–1931. built the current wooden church.

Duration: 15 min. Distance: 16 km

7) The Church and Belfry of Giedraičiai

St. Bartholomew church built in Giedraičiai recollects 1410. The members of the Giedraičiai family supported, repaired and rebuilt this church. Their love and care is reflected by the bishop‘s Juozapas Arnulfas Giedraitis heart which was bricked into the wall of the church.

Duration: < 10 min. Distance: 11 km

8) Pusnė Church

It is a church standing in the village of Pusnė, by the Giedraičiai-Želva road. In its shape it resembles a residential house. To establish a parish in Pusnė in 1922. priest Justinas Jurkūnas, who returned from Russia, was appointed. Initially, services were held in private buildings.

Duration: 15 min. Distance: 20 km

9) Balninkai Church

Balninkai Parish did not always have a house of worship - destroyed by wars and fires. The current Balninki church was completed in 1910. Father Adam Yusyou praising you. In 1921 sv. Stanislaw's title was consecrated by Bishop of Samogitian Francis Karevicius. It is a double stone brick neo-Roman-neo-Gothic temple. The interior of the church is gothic and divided into three naves. The Church of Nazareth wooden sculpture is included in the list of cultural monuments and protected by the State. It is in the nineteenth century work.

Duration: 15 min. Distance: 18 km

10) St James the Apostle Church, Alanta

The Alanta St Apostle Jacob’s Church was constructed in 1904-1912 under the project of K.E. Strandmann, the architect from Liepaja. The church was built in the style of Neo-romanticism, with two towers, hall-like, with 3 naves, of the Latin cross layout. The base of the church is of ashlars, the walls - of brick masonry, plastered, and the interior is spacious and bright. It contains 7 significant art treasures.

Duration: 15 min. Distance: 14 km

11) Skudutiškis Church

The church of the Latin cross plan, with a high tower, has a complex composition of the facade. It contains St. The painting of St. Mary, believed to be miraculous. The fence of the cemetery is made of stone masonry, and a wooden belfry and a cross flow into it.

Duration: < 10 min. Distance: 8 km

12) Suginčiai Church

Suginčiai St Cross Discovery Church is located in Suginčiai, 0,5 km to the east from the road Molėtai-Utena. The chapel of Suginčiai, mentioned in 1669 and 1782, belonged to Molėtai parish of Vilnius diocese. The second chapel was wooden with five windows, three altars and a six-tone organ. In 1909-1910, the present wooden church was built due to the care of the priest A. Ragažinskas and at the funds of the congregation. The church is ascribable to the style of Historicism (with dominating elements of Baroque Revival architecture), of the Latin cross layout, with a three-wall apse and 2 vestries and intersections at the corners. A tower is in the place of the dome and 2 turrets at a crossing of naves with a triangular pediment between them. The fence of  the churchyard is of stone masonry with arched gates. A wooden belfry and crosses are in the churchyard.

Duration: 20 min. Distance: 27 km

13) Stirniai Church

The present stone masonry church of the Torture of St. John the Baptist in Stirniai was built by the priests Jonas Kazlauskas and Jonas Daugėla (born in 1909) with the help of the congregation in 1937-1940. The church is massive, rectangular, with a wide tower and an apse. The inside is with 3 naves, separated by slight pilasters. The fence of a churchyard is wooden. There is a cemetery in the churchyard.

Duration: 15 min. Distance: 15 km

14) Fisherman’s boots and fishing rod sculpture, Fish with a saddle sculpture and city fountain

Duration of visit: 10 min.

Large colourful float in the middle of the lake, fisherman’s boots and rod with an exceptional catch lying next to them – a saddled fish – certainly attract tourists’ attention. There you can also find a cosy city fountain which lights up with various colours in the evening.