Pedestrian paths of the city of Molėtai

Duration: 2.5 h.
Distance: 5 km
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The most "urban" route is designed to show off Molėtai and its two lakes - Pastovis and Pastovėlis. As befits an "urban" route, the paved path features a lot of conveniences, with many benches for resting, children's playgrounds and swimming areas. And there's more. Rather than the unpredictability of nature, the challenge here is the abundance of landmarks, ranging from the city fountain to the country's longest outdoor slide, from Pavasarininkai (Spring) Hill to the Sculpture Park, from the individual sculptures lining the shores of the lakes, to...

Do you have the energy to see it all?

Route plan
Duration: 45 min. Distance: 3.6 km

4) Sculpture "Stone for Sisyphus"

Duration of visit: 10 min.

The sculpture of K. Musteikis (1998) was created during the installation of the Molėtai Sculpture Park.

Duration: 25 min. Distance: 1.9 km

4) Sculpture "Who released the duck"?

Duration of visit: 10 min.

Who released the duck? - a question arose for the artist and blacksmith Andrius Janulis. Walking along the footpath along Lake Pastovėlis, next to the footbridge, you will find even more ducks.

Duration: 10 min. Distance: 860 m

5) Outdoor slide, playground with trampoline

Duration of visit: 1 h.

Walking along the trail along Lake Pastovėlis you will be able to try the Molėtai outdoor slide. This is wonderful entertainment not only for children but also for adults. And next to it you will find a children's playground with various attractions: trampoline, table tennis and more.