The Church of St. Laurynas, ensemble of the Canauninkai Monastery

The Church of St. Laurynas, ensemble of the Canauninkai Monastery

In the reign of the kanaunink monastery ensemble St. The church of Laurynas stands against the Videniskis triangle
Town Square, which was formed back in the 16th century. In the eastern part of the church territory there are houses,
wooden and masonry farm buildings, the former monastery garden.

XV - XVII century The Videniskiai farms belonged to Giedraitis. The first wooden church in Videniškiai
built in 1549 Motieja Giedraitis worry. 1620 the present stone church and the two appeared
tall masonry monastery. The church and monastery suffered greatly during the seventeenth century. in the middle of the year
the war The church has been repaired for many times. 1884 update the altars. Once upon a time the monastery
The ensemble was connected to the Giedraičiai manor in Zizyavia through the pond system.

St Lauryn's church architecture, especially the exterior, has a form of restraint. The church
Renaissance, rectangular plan, with a 42 m high facade tower. Tower with two
The later entrances form the church's porch. The second floor of the tower is equipped with an organ
choir Inside the church in the 18th century In the first quarter, 5 baroque altars were built, as well as remained in the 17th century.
paintings. In the fortified high part of the sanctuary, for the great altar, are built
tombstones with the most important elements of the church history -
the founder MM Giedraičius and the first monastery leader I. Žepnickis.

St Lauryn's church is surrounded by a stone masonry fence with glued arched gates. At the door
unveiled in the town of 650 anniversary stone.

Šilelio g. 2, Videniškių k., Molėtų r. (View map)