Augustine Monastery in Videniskiai

Augustine Monastery in Videniskiai

Vienuolyna Museum in Videniškii is a heritage building from the 18th century. avg. In the building of the elder (infulat) of the monastery of regular penitential canons, popularly known as the White Augustines. The beginning of this brotherhood in the town dates back to the 17th century. pr., which lasted a little more than a couple of hundred years.

The walls of the museum are decorated with portrait frescoes of the Infulats, the cultural monument of Lithuanian writing created in this monastery is presented here - the collection of sermons by M. Olševskis "Broma, atverta ing viečnastius", is an exposition of Blessed Mykolas Giedraitis.

Videniškiai - the homeland of the Giedraičiai family. 2018 is produced from these areas. November 7 Mykolas Giedraitis, a monk of the Canons of Repentance, was declared blessed.

Visiting hours of the exposition: Tuesday-Sunday 9 am - 5 pm.




Šilelio g. 6a, Videniškių k, Videniškių sen., Molėtų r. (55.217036, 25.277779) (View map)
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