Manor of Alanta

Manor of Alanta

1828 Alanta was bought by Mr. Tadeusz Pac-Pomarnacki, who in the 19th century At the end of the masonry and stone he built Alanta's estate. It is said that he bought marble in the palace columns in Finland and from Belorussia to Alanta, carrying sheep. Visitors are waiting for the Alanta Manor House to be cared for and managed. 2015 June 26 The Art Gallery of Vaidotas Žukas is opened at the Alanta Manor

At present, the permanent art gallery of V. Žukas with the author's paintings, drawings, collages and ceramics is located on the ground floor of Alanta manor house. Three more halls are dedicated to mobile exhibitions. 2017 here were Rembrandt's facsimile drawings.

The Blessed T. Matulionis Museum is on the second floor of the manor. It exhibits bishop martyr letters from Soviet prisons, exile, other documents and photographs.

Exposure time: Tuesday - Saturday 10 am to  18 pm. We do not work on Sundays and Mondays.

Parko g. 5, Alanta, Molėtų r., Lietuva (View map)
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