Molėtai Centre of Traditional Crafts

Molėtai Centre of Traditional Crafts

In 2014, Molėtai Centre of Traditional Crafts was established within the complex of buildings belonging to Mindūnai Freshwater Fishery Museum.

The purpose of the Centre of Crafts is to ensure transfer of traditional crafts “from one generation to another”, to retain the method for conservation and development of alternative traditional crafts.

The Centre of Crafts pays particular attention to the crafts related to fishery, such as: weaving of fyke nets and traditional fishing nets, conventional fishery and ancient culinary heritage.

The Centre is equipped with specialised premises of ceramics and wool felting, the necessary technical basis was created in order to manufacture and demonstrate products of the aforementioned crafts. The following activities are also performed at the Centre of Crafts: candle making, embroidery, cooking of fish soup, making tea from natural herbs, decorating of Easter eggs, paper cutting, braiding of stripes.

Muziejaus g. 7, Mindūnai, Molėtų r. (55.231891, 25.562726) (View map)
+370 605 92563