Molėtai disc golf park

Molėtai disc golf park

The Molėtai disc golf park has been established in the woods on the two shores of the Pastovis Lake. We invite all citizens and guests of the city to try this young sport completely free of charge.

Molėtai disc golf park consists of 18 bags - it is a "full format" park, suitable for both recreational play and high skill competitions.

Disc golf was born in the USA in the 1970s and is currently recognized as one of the fastest growing sports in the world. It's a gambling sport - it's easy to start playing, but of course it takes many hours of training to reach a high level of play. Disc golf does not require running, making it accessible to people of all ages and fitness levels. Disc golf is not only a fast-growing sport - it's also just a great activity in the fresh air, very suitable for families, groups of friends, teams or even...alone!


Disc golf rules in brief:

  • THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS SAFETY IN THE PARK. Do not throw the disc if there are people in front and there is even the slightest risk of hitting them!
  • Players who violate the game's safety rules are responsible for the damage they cause! During the game, all players in the groups must stand behind the thrower.
  • Usually played in groups of 3 to 5 people (usually 4). But you can also play alone...
  • For the first time, all players throw into the basket from the marked start in the established order (the player who throws the disc waits for all the players in the group to make their first throws and does not run to his disc!).
  • The next throw is made by the player whose disc is farthest from the basket. It is thrown from the place where the previously thrown disc landed. For safety, those waiting always stand further away from the basket than the thrower.
  • Count your shots. After all the players of the group have thrown into the basket, the result of each player is recorded - the number of throws (results are written for each basket separately).
  • The player with the fewest throws starts to throw into the next basket. If everyone played the same way, the order does not change.
  • Out of bounds (OB). If the park has marked out-of-bounds and the player throws the disc into it (the disc remains lying in out-of-bounds), the player is awarded one penalty point and takes the next throw from the point where the disc crossed the out-of-bounds line.
  • The final result is the sum of all the throws. The player with the least points wins.
  • Each basket has a "normal" par (PAR) for an advanced player. Of course, the goal for players is to play better than the par.


Coordinates (Start No. 1 - 55.23459043710374, 25.43126841358861)

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