Homestead of Agnė Babelienė

Homestead of Agnė Babelienė

An oasis of calm on the lake shore. No matter how you assess the amenities of the city, the heart sometimes wishes nature. Choosing modern homestead for relaxation, 60 km away from Vilnius, located on the shore of Lake Luokesai, you will be able breathe the fresh air fragrant with pure water, and pine branches. This is the place where you wake up in the morning by singing birds and the calm in the evenings gives the setting sun. There is nothing more pleasant than sky radiating evening coolness or morning dew drops on bare feet. Shining caught fish will leave indelible impressions, and will be a perfect dinner, baked in the terrace of room. You can relax in active manner: a small gym and the opportunity to have fun ride by quads. One more recreation: a modern sauna. The homestead has 250 square meters four-bedroom apartments with a kitchen, equipped modern bathrooms, toilet and bidet. A beautiful lakeview opens from a large loft. We have connected alarm system throughout the homestead and internet access. Also, the territory of the homestead is protected. There are 2 garages. When choosing a family vacation in our modern equipped homestead on the Lokesai lake shore, enjoy cosiness and comfort in shelter of nature. 


Kid's playground
Hot tub
WC and shower
Water inventory rent
Speaks English
Speak Russian

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Luokesos k., Luokesos sen., Molėtų r. (55.211687, 25.405678) (View map)
+370 652 94014