Ažuluokesa Homestead

Ažuluokesa Homestead

The rural tourism homestead is situated on the bank of the lake Luokesai, 2 km from the road Vilnius-Utena. The homestead perfectly matches to the surrounding environment - a forest and the especially clear lake, ir which archaeologists found the remains of pile settlements. The place is suitable both for family vacation (with cosy four-bed rooms, the ability to fish, gather berries and mushrooms) and small celebrations.


WC and shower
Water inventory rent
Near the lake
Animal friendly
Speaks English
Speak Russian

Contact us

Šilo g. 17, Ažuluokesos k., Luokesos sen., Molėtų r. (55.208084, 25.407730) (View map)
+370 687 33223
+370 611 39117