Lake Fishery Museum

Lake Fishery Museum

Fishing museum is located in Mindunai, part of Moletai district most abundant in lakes. The
museum is to the east of Moletai, 10th kilometer of Moletai-Ignalina road.

In late autumn of 1988 school fishing museum was opened in a farm building in Mindunai school
yard. Historian Virginija Mackoniene set up the museum. Later Fishing museum bace Museum
of Moletai Region subdivision. At the exposition in the museum various fishing equipment can
be seen. People from the eastern part of Lithuania used them at the end of 19th century. One
can also get acquainted with archaic fishing and how this trade changed over time.

Exposition is placed in restored 19th century fisherman’s cottage and barn. Oldest exhibit is
impressive XVth century skiff 4 meters long. Museum holds eel catching devices, ancient nets,
automatic fishing rods and other. Linen and hemp, the main material for weaving nets, are
present at the exhibit as well.

Museum consists of several more farm buildings: fisherman’s room, storeroom, smokehouse for
fish. Yard is surrounded by interwoven fence, flower garden, old boats. Folk sculptor Stasys
Karanauskas erected three roofed pillars at the end of 20th century. They are dedicated to
crayfishing, fishing and nature of Moletai region. A pond is close by and it is full of fish. Baltieji
Lakajai lake is a walking distance from the museum. Siesartis is close by as well as Juodieji
Lakajai. Ice fishing festivities are being organized every year at the end of February.

An exhibition of various stuffed animals and furs has been set in fishing museum. Antanas
Truskauskas collection of animals is from five continents. 120 different stuffed beasts and birds.
It's only a third of what he has donated to the museum. All of these animals were captured by
Truskauskas himself. His collection of hunted down animals and birds is the biggest in

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