Educational program "Mysterious night walk with lanterns"

Educational program "Mysterious night walk with lanterns"

A night walk with lanterns is special. In the late evening in the courtyard of the Monastery Museum, the wind howls, the ancient doors creak, all sounds and sensations take on a mysterious mystique. A different history of the monastery unfolds.

400 years ago, Regular Penitential Canons arrived in Videniškii. Monks lived here, cultivated piety, paid great attention to liturgy and pastoral care. Although they have not been here for 200 years, the feeling of presence is clearly felt here. And maybe you will also be able to meet the monk's sting?

We will travel around the courtyard, building, basement of the Videniški Monastery... we will look for monks from the 18th century. legacy Everything seems more mysterious in the dark. The flames flicker, the shadows dance and the secrets of the ancient walls are revealed.

Education in Videniški Monastery - Adults - 5 euros, schoolchildren, students, pensioners - 3 euros. (15 - 30 participants)

Group fee for up to 15 people. - 100 euros.

Duration 1 hour (season: October - March)

Šilelio g. 6a, Videniškių k, Videniškių sen., Molėtų r. (View map)
+370 602 55905