Homestead "Žemuogynė“

Homestead "Žemuogynė“

You are welcome at "Žemuogynė", where at the beginning of summer, you can find plenty of wild strawberries. The homestead is at the lake with two houses with separate entrances, a bower, and fireplaces. There is enough space on the grass for children to run, to play with a ball, and if it is rainy - we have a sports hall with a ping-pong table and a billiard table. There is a steam bath, birch brooms. After heating in the bath, it is very pleasant to dive into the lake water.


Kid's playground
WC and shower
Water inventory rent
Near the lake
Speaks English
Speak Russian

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Kalno 1A, Gėliogalių k., Balninkų sen., Molėtų r. (55.293611, 25.182485) (View map)
+370 610 04871