Homestead "Liežio oazė"

Homestead "Liežio oazė"

Near Vilnius, Molėtai district, next to Alanta, there is such a fairy-tale house, which is what the locals call it.

We call it Liežio Oasis.

Here people are meditating, praying, chatting with nature. Boon is gathering, drinking, laughing.

Here, fairy tales are told and created. Skeptics believe in miracles. People say that the truth of life is discovered here, the health is improved, the heart who is lost - revive, the souls become full of joy.

There is a sauna here and small lake. There's a lot of gossip, people said that golden fish in it. Can be fished or you can fly into the water.

The house is surrounded by forests and fields. You can go on a hike or search for forest food. Essentially, the only neighbors with whom you may have to come are foresters. But one old man paired that the fairy had been here to see.

Another said there was - spruce quietly beats. Or read poetry. But even after it, the silence of that oasis is not destroyed.


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Liežio g. 14, Antaliežių k., Alantos sen., Molėtų r. (55.323130, 25.292420) (View map)
+370 611 59561
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