Homestead KLIUKAI

Homestead KLIUKAI

Homestead "Kliukai" is located in a beautiful area, on a high hill, near the big pond. It is perfect for calm rest. We believe, that our guests, who choose homestead KLIUKAI, must find as much natural beauty as possible - it might not give the impression of luxury, but it is 100 percent real, created, invented, made by the owners of the homestead or local craftsmen, and sometimes found or bought and "domesticated".  This is why we are trying to build everything by ourselves and we’re not afraid to make a mistake: - We are not trying to substitute natural grass with artificial lawn "carpet", but cut short the real plants, which are growing here, so we do not get angry if it’s a nettle, wormwood, thistle... - You won’t find sleek urban flower gardens with beautiful stones, brought from other places, or artificial waterfalls. - We are trying to create surrounding from trees and bushes, found in a local forest, and only rarely insert decorative flowers to the composition. And when we find a stone, we put it so, that it would look harmonic in a surrounding, not overshadow it. - We avoid artificial pads on terraces and pathways. We build pathways from the broken stones pads in a way, that the grass, which grows in the gaps, would cover it completely. We believe, that our visitor is not the one, who is afraid to spoil their feet or their high heels to be stuck in the ground, but the opposite - the one, who comes here to rest and relax in the nature, not thinking, how do they look, but appreciate, how do they feel here. - You will find all necessary amenities in a homestead, neat and clean premises, but please do not expect air conditioning or gilded water faucets, becouse it is a RURAL TOURISM. Here you can surely find badly situated plank, bent nail, squeaky stairs, because we’re trying to build as much as possible by ourselves and we believe, it creates a surtain very specific style and cousiness, which is appreciated by our guests. So you are very welcome here to stay, relax and enjoy sauna...


Family rooms
Kid's playground
Hot tub
WC and shower
By the river, pond
Speaks English
Speaks German
Speak Russian

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Gervių g.37,, Dubingių sen., Molėtų r. (55.102101, 25.398838) (View map)
+370 682 40139
+370 630 00491