A hiking tour around Labanoras Regional Park

A hiking tour around Labanoras Regional Park

Get to Know Labanoras Better! – it’s a hiking tour around Labanoras Regional park

We kindly invite the groups of children to participate in the educational hiking tour around Labanoras Regional Park.

During the hike, we will introduce them with natural treasures of Labanoras forest, the path of life of the trees, teach them how to count the age of various trees, hug pines, which are several hundred years of age, visit Stirniai burial mounds, admire small forest lakes and spectacular views, as well as experience many more various interesting things. The hike will be led by Gediminas – a forester of fourth generation, who was born, grew up and still live here.

The distance of a hike is approximately 8 km and duration is approximately 4-5 hours (depending on the children’s age).

If you prefer, children will have an opportunity to enjoy sausages grilled on live coal after the hike and drink tea made of herbs, collected during the trip, at our summerhouse.

You may also select an educational trip with a stay over at our homestead of the rural tourism. Then, you will travel around Labanoras forest, eat and rest during the day and, late in the evening, you will be able to travel to Molėtai Astronomical Observatory to observe a starry sky of the nigh. On the following day, you will be able to visit Mindūnai Observation Tower and Museum of Freshwater Fishery and Hunting; meanwhile, Molėtai Tourism and Business Information Centre will offer you a cognitive, virtual educational space “Molėtai Differently”, where you will be able to travel 3,000 years back to the past by wearing virtual reality headset and see the history of Molėtai Region.

Prices: A hike – 8-12 Eur per child (the preferred number of children is at least 20).

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