"A Cabin for Two"

"A Cabin for Two"

Welcome to our cozy cabin in the woods! If you want to relax and spend some time in the wild – you are at the right place. LGBT friendly.

The cabin is situated 10 minutes walk from Zelvu lake. Here you will find a sandy bathing shore and refreshing water. On the other side of the lake you will find the Moletai Observatory that can be visited at night. If the skies are clear you can enjoy the wonderful star views both in the Observatory and from the yard of the cabin.

You are welcome to use the sauna that is in the cabin for an additional fee of 15 Euros that can be paid on site. The fee also includes natural honey for a beautifying and relaxing sauna procedure and of course, a 'vanta' :).

For your relaxation we also offer a hot wooden tub. How wonderful it is to chill in a warm water and gaze at the starry sky! The fee for the hot tub is 45 Eur.

The bed- and living room with a spacious bed, books, table games etc. is upstairs.

You will find a mini kitchen on the ground floor with all the essentials provided - a stove, pots and kettles, cups and forks, even coffee and basic spices. Everything you need for your stay.

The bathroom with a shower and toilet is on the ground floor next to the sauna room.

Everything you need for a nice barbecue outside is also provided.

You are free to use bicycles and explore the wonderful nature around during the season. The same is valid for a boat - you can get some nice moments on the water.

Host lives in a house about 40 meters from the cabin, so if we are at home, you might see us. On the other hand, we do not disturb our guests, so you will have all your privacy you are here for.

You won‘t see another building from the cabin – just nature around.


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WC and shower
Water inventory rent
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