Mindunai Observation Tower

Mindunai Observation Tower

Go on Moletai-Ignalina road to Mindunai. In Mindunai village there is a turn to the right towards Labanoras regional park. After several rows of birch trees are passed, the road continues thru pine trees. Roads in the park are narrow and winding. You reach the second tallest observation tower in Lithuania, 36 meters high. Architectural form of the tower reminds of a young tree trunk aiming for the sky. Only birds and clouds are further above.

Try out your endurance by climbing 214 steps to reach the top of the tower. The height is of a nine story building. You overcome the fear of ascending spiral stairs and rise above the top of trees. Then you can take in breathtaking bird’s eye view of the landscape around.

Refreshingly green pine trees spread across Labanoras regional park to the northeast. To the west lies Baltieji Lakajai lake, one of the biggest lakes of glacier origin in eastern Lithuania. Lakajai landscape is the most picturesque reserve in the Highlands. It spreads across Baltieji and Juodieji Lakajai lakes. They are characterized by unique peninsulas, islands, rare plants and animals.

Labanoras regional park covers the divide of Sventoji and Zeimena rivers. Forests take up four fifths of the park’s territory. All together they form continuous forest massif, which is called Labanoras forest. It is one of the biggest forests in Lithuania and the most valuable treasure of the Regional Park.

Visiting the object - free of charge. Always open to visitors.

Mindūnų k., Mindūnų sen., Molėtų r. (55.219241, 25.560908) (View map)