Asveya Regional Park Water Route

Asveya Regional Park Water Route

Start of the route: stopping place near Dubingiai Bridge (object of cultural heritage). GPS: 55.056791 25.443327

Dubingiai Castle , located on the peninsula of Asveja lake, which was previously an island, is one of the 50 well-identified and identified people in Lithuania with castle piles (one of its largest areas). Hail length ~ 500 m, width at the eastern end ~ 100 m, west ~ 200 m. Dubingiai Castle Site, published as a cultural monument of Lithuania, is the most significant cultural value of Asveja Regional Park and the entire Dubingiai Region. Dubingiai Castle Site is an exclusive object of Lithuanian history, archaeological and memorial heritage. GPS: 55.057572 25.444395

Liudgard campsite . A camping site in Dubingiai Forestry Forest, in the recreational area of ​​Liudgard, is available for recreation, camping with overnight accommodation. GPS: 55.046085 25.513709

Wainik Island (Jonėnų mound) Jonėniai mound is located on the island of Węgaki, the 2.3 km of Asveja lake. Oval-shaped area with pointed ends, oblong in direction of VR, up to 1 m in height, rising in the middle, 1-1.5 m in lower edges, 170x30 m in size. Slopes are steep, 10-11 m tall. Barracks were found in the mound. The mound is dating from I ths. the beginning GPS: 55.042016 25.506005

Asvejos Lake Observation Place. The site is located at the Nemencine forest enterprise in Purviniškiai forest district. Different rest is possible. Comfortable take-off for water tourists, equipped with wooden stairs. GPS: 55.036335 25.537376

Camping Camp The campsite is located in the district of Vilnius, in the district of Sužionys. There is a wide range of rest, a convenient take off for water tourists. GPS: 55.012399 25.578446

Purviniškių pine . Natural Heritage Object. The pine stands on the northern shore of Lake Asveja. With its magnificent twill strain and gummed branches it ~ 350 years keeps the history of Fork Forest. The tree, which did not withstand the burden of the year, dried up in 1998-1999. Comfortable take-off for tourists, equipped with wooden stairs on the slopes. GPS: 55.008536 25.592222

Bieliškių sala. The island is in Lake Asveja. According to archaeologists, the former settlement dates back to I ths. the beginning GPS: 55.000611 25.595655

Dubinga River . The largest river in the park is Dubinga, Žeimena right tributary. The river is characterized by its thunder and mirey forests that are shining on the banks. The frequent tourists captivate this river with its attractiveness and mystery, with its origins hiding in a dense Shvrind Mountain in Vyriogala Bay, Lake Asveja. For a few kilometers, Dubinga enters the Pabradė pond, so boat water and canoes need to be transported through the dam to water tourists. For about a couple of kilometers of it, the stream flows smoothly into one river - Žeimena. Dubinga slope is quite large - 1.4 m long, about 18 km long. GPS: 55.007379 25.614796

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