Moletai Technical Museum

Moletai Technical Museum

The private Molėtai Technical Museum preserves and tells about the development of the history of Lithuanian in the years 1950-2000, paying special attention to the machinery of the first decade of independence. Also, since the first days the museum has been accumulating a collection of Lithuanian self-made crafts, which is presented from their birth to the creativity of the people who built them. If you want to know more about everything, we can always offer the services of a professional guide.

In the family-oriented museum both adults and children will find expositions and exhibits that will surprise you, as most of the vehicles and other equipment can not only be viewed,\ but also tested by yourself.

The museum is known to thousands of visitors. What attracts you to visit this lively museum? In the interactive exhibition of antique radio, audio, TV equipment, you can watch 90's movies from video cassettes, play Sega or Arcade game consoles. All can choose entertainment to their likes - favorite children's rides on old equipment - fire engine, bus. Independent rides for adults in historical vehicles - ZAZ, Moskvich, Rolls Royce.

For the convenience of visitors there are several children's playgrounds, a catering pavilion, and arbour s on the museum territory.

Tumenčiznos k. 1b, Giedraičių sen., Molėtų r. (55.115289, 25.333962) (View map)
+370 698 47000