Molėtai Region Museum

Molėtai Region Museum

The region of Molėtai is special and unique. We have a unique archaeological object near the city: two 2.5 thousand year-old Luokesai polar settlements. Underwater archaeologists discovered the oldest wooden spoon in Lithuania at the bottom of Lake Luokesi.

Two famous families of princes - Radvilai and Giedraičiai - resided in Molėtai lands. Dubingiai castle site in the 15th century. the beginning Vytautas Castle stood. XVI-XVII centuries. Dubingiai was ruled by the Radvilas. in 1547 the most famous Lithuanian woman, the beautiful Barbora Radvilaitė, spent six long months of waiting for her marriage to Duke Žygimantas Augustus in Dubingiai Castle. The most famous love story of all time left us the lovers' correspondence from Dubingiai Castle.

The Dukes of Giedraičiai, starting with Blessed Mykolas Giedraičias (b. about 1425–1485) and ending with the world-famous intellectual, founder and long-time editor of the Paris "Kultūros" magazine Jerzy Giedroyc (1906–2000), have given Lithuania many notable people since the times of the LDK: high clergymen, statesmen, men of science. The region of Molėtai is proud of the heritage objects they left behind and the light of scientific and cultural progress that radiated from here.

The extraordinary history of the creation of our country's statehood: Lithuania was created here by Malvina Valeikienė, Antanas Jaroševičius, Matas Valeika. Before the Second World War, not only Lithuanian, but also Yiddish, Polish and Russian languages sounded harmoniously in the skies of Molėtai. The Holocaust, the post-war partisan movement, the exile are etched in our history as the most terrible events, followed by the Soviet era, which fundamentally changed the face of the country. Our year began with a wave of movement.

In the future exhibition of the museum, with the help of modern tools, the entire history of the Molėtai region will be told in a visual way, so that both schoolchildren and guests who visit the museum will get to know the museum and experience good emotions.

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